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Cicada Award Updates

Cicada Award: looking for excellence in film and animation

The call is out for young wildlife enthusiasts. Read more . . .

FREE professionally-conducted workshops on filming and editing are available.  See how and when . . .

There’s a new blog for sharing ideas on how to embrace, to nurture, and to make living sustainably with our wildlife an every-day habit.  Go to Living Wildlife Aware

There’s still time to be creative and help our wildlife.  Cicada Award entries close 30th September. Read more . . .

2013-2014 Cicada Award Entry Form, Terms & Conditions available here


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Redland Council pro-development agenda destroys marine park values?

Redland Council with the help of the State Government continue with their pro-development urban expansion plans this time proposing to destroy protected vegetation and marine park values at Weinam Creek.

Vegetation protected by the Vegetation Management Act and seagrass and mangroves within the Marine Park and Moreton Bay RAMSAR site are destined to be destroyed by Redland Council’s desire for massive urban expansion within the Redlands. Toondah Harbor, Southern Redland Bay are just some of the areas Council is targeting for more urban sprawl now its Weinam Creek.

Buildings will be up to 7 storeys high resulting in huge traffic problems for the Redland transport network.  While the financial burden of regular dredging  operations will potentially be dumped onto general rate payers.

If you like to see a better outcome for Weinam Creek make a submission. A copy of our submission is attached.  Click here to download our submission


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COMMUNITY ALERT – Toondah Harbour



 Greetings all –

This Community Alert pertains to 49.5 hectares within the Moreton Bay Marine Park and 17.5 hectares of land in coastal Cleveland (total 67 hectares) encompassing  –

·         Toondah Harbour (the North Stradbroke Island Ferry Terminal)

·         GJ Walter Park to the north of the harbour

·         community and environmental land to the south of the harbour.



The Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared by the State Government at the request of Redland City Council on 21 June 2013

·         Toondah Harbour PDA is bounded by Shore Street East to the north and Wharf Street to the west

·         incorporates Council and privately owned land as well as open space

Planning of the Toondah Harbour PDA will be managed by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) in partnership with Redland City Council (RCC);  development assessment powers have been delegated to RCC.

To see more, please click here: 

·         State Government site     http://www.dsdip.qld.gov.au/infrastructure-and-planning/toondah-harbour.html 

·         Redland City Council site  http://www.redland.qld.gov.au/Business/Pages/Toondah-Harbour-PDA.aspx

 Community shocked

The overdevelopment comprising the recently unveiled Toondah Harbour Proposed Development Scheme has shocked the community, because it will likely have extreme negative impacts on –

 ·        Moreton Bay Marine Park and marine life

·         much-loved and well utilised public parks

·         urban koala populations

·         already-struggling local businesses – in the Cleveland Town Centre and Raby Bay Harbourside Shopping Centre in particular, as well the existing marina operations

·         amenity/ quality of life of residents living in neighbouring existing properties

·         cherished ‘village’ atmosphere of Cleveland and surrounds.

 This is because the Toondah Harbour Proposed Development Scheme -

 ·         disregards the vision, values and expectations of the people of the Redlands as consistently documented over 25 years, most recently in the –

o    Redlands 2030 Community Plan  http://www.redland.qld.gov.au/AboutCouncil/CommunityPlan/Pages/default.aspx)

o    Toondah Harbour Community Engagement Report (http://www.redland.qld.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/Business/Toondah-Harbour-Community-Engagement-Phase1-Report1.pdf)

·         usurps public open space (GJ Walter Park), the Moreton Bay Marine Park and disregards the Marine Park’s international listing under RAMSAR  (http://ramsar.org/)

·         includes high rise development to 15 storeys in the park and out into the Bay(ruining the aesthetic qualities of our coastline)

·         includes an 800 berth marina

·         jeopardises mangroves, migratory shorebird habitat and seagrasses essential to marine life

·         destroys koala habitat (public open space) and cuts known koala corridors with roads

·         places a major, ongoing financial burden upon the community through the need for ongoing dredging (which also jeopardises marine life).

 Through consultation, the people of the Redlands –

·         indicated support for renewal of the Toondah Harbour facility  

·         did not give the thumbs up to the massive overdevelopment of the Harbour, adjacent land and Moreton Bay itself that Redland City Council  and the Queensland State Government are promoting through the Toondah Harbour Proposed Development Scheme.

We want the Harbour refreshed, not the area ruined.

 What can we do?

We have to convince Redland City Council and more importantly, the Newman State Government,  that they must withdraw the Toondah Harbour Proposed Development Schemego back to the drawing board and draft a new Development Scheme.  And this time, they must do it in close and continuing consultation with the community.  Convincing them however, will take combined action by many people.  Here’s how you can help…

 Community Action Pack

Below you will find the a Community Action Pack, comprising seven (7) documents:

Click here: 1. Community Campaign Outline – Toondah Harbour PDA Proposed Development Scheme 10.02.14v2

Click here: 2. Sample Submission 1 – Toondah Harbour PDA Proposed Development Scheme 2014

Click here: 3. Sample Submission 2 – Toondah Harbour PDA Proposed Development Scheme 2014

Click here: 4. Sample Letter content – Toondah Harbour PDA Proposed Development Scheme 2014

Click here: 5. Sample Letter to Federal Environment Minister – Toondah Harbour PDA Proposed Development Scheme 2014

Click here: 6. Sample Email & Question for politicians – Toondah Harbour PDA Proposed Development Scheme 2014

Contact List for Community Use – Draft Toondah Harbour PDA Proposed Development Scheme 2014


th   Toondah Harbour Proposed Development Area (PDA) Campaign Outline

×           this details the many ways you and your family and friends – or your organisation – can take action, together with the timeframe in which to do it

×           please scan through the Campaign Outline and find the Action(s) that best suit you / your organisation

×           please do include the making of a Formal Submission as below

 2.      a sample Properly Made Submission for you to consider, copy, modify as you see fit and send to the State Government (Economic Development) on or before Monday 24 February 2014

 3.      a second sample Properly Made Submission for you to consider/ use as above

 4.      a sample Letter – for you to copy, modify as you see fit and send by email to Redland City Council and State Government

×           the Premier, the Minister and the State Members

×           the Mayor and Councillors of Redland City Council

×           can also be sent to the media – newspapers (hard copy & online), radio, television

5.       a sample Letter – for you to copy, modify as you see fit and send by email to –

×           Federal Minister for the Environment

×           Federal Member for Bowman

 6.      a sample Email & Question – for you to copy, modify as you see fit and send by email to –

×           each of the eleven (11) individual Redland City Mayor & Councillors

×           each of the three (3) individual State Government Members (Cleveland, Redland & Capalaba)

 7.      a  Contact List – providing names and contact details for all the above


 When should we begin?

 Please take action now:

·           it is important to get Submissions in no later than 24 February

·           emails/ letters /phone calls to the elected members can commence after your Submission is in

·           we must sustain the pressure on the politicians and maintain media interest after 24 February, during the assessment and decision-making phases  undertaken by Redland City Council and in turn, by the State Government.

 This battle has been won before…

In 1988 the Redlands community fought off a similar plan to overdevelop the Toondah Harbour, Moreton Bay and environ with a massive canal estate.  Coming together as STIR  – ‘Secure Toondah’s Invaluable Resources’ – they garnered 12,000 signatures, took the Bjelke-Petersen Government on in the media, and won.

It is time to come together to STIR and win again.  Please join us.

With thanks & kind regards –


Lavinia Wood,  Spokesperson

Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP) Redlands Inc



(If you would like to be added to the CARP database, please send your name, email address and suburb to us at contact@carp-redlands.org.au )

Mangroves at Toondah Harbor

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Toondah Harbour environmental values ignored by Redland Council

Redland Council is pushing for the development of Toondah Harbour, with the help of the State Government but both have failed to talk about the areas environmental values. Is this just another case of development at any cost?

Councils plan – < click here > and < here >

Just like the marina built by Keith Williams at Oyster Point on the Hinchinbrook Channel in North Queensland, our Mayor Karen Williams is pushing a similar pro-development agenda near Oyster Point, Cleveland.

Is this Déjà vu

Toondah harbour does support many community and environmental values. Some are mentioned <here> & <here>.

Toondah Harbour needs to be refreshed but the community and environmental values MUST NOT be ruined. The values they intend to dredge and fill in are wetlands of international significance  (RAMSAR) and within a Marine Park.

Why has the mayor, Redland Council and the State Government failed to mention even one of these environmental values?

If you don’t want to see these values destroyed write to the Federal Minister and seek his help as we have.

UPDATE: Federal Environment Minister acknowledges RAMSAR values & Compliance officers are ensuring Redland Council complies. Click here to read letter


Mangroves at Toondah Harbor

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Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch Cicada Awards

Students keen on filming or animation have the chance to help our wildlife and win great prizes by entering the Cicada Award.

Putting the thrill into the shrill: the Cicada Award’s calling

Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch is looking across South East Queensland for little films or animation with a big heart, that help educate people about our wildlife and flora. These films would nourish or inspire, touch the spirit, make us wonder, laugh or shed a tear. Such a film would show how we can help and provide hope for wildlife.

Download the Cicada Award Entry Form, Terms & Conditions

Take a look at past winning entries:

Mangroves: a documentary perspective

Why your backyard should be koala friendly

Going Batty

The Cicada Award has been running since 2011. Read more . . .



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Wildlife Seminar to Celebrate Biodiversity Month 2013

Wildlife Seminar to Celebrate Biodiversity Month 2013

When: Saturday 21 September 9:00am to 11.30am
Where: Redland City Council Indigiscapes Bushland Centre 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba.

Our two keynote speakers are:

  • Ms Karen Touchie, Queensland Campaigner, The Wilderness Society
  • Dr Don Sands, Honorary Fellow, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

Ms Touchie will speak about the values of Cape York and our Wild Rivers of Western Queensland and The Wilderness Society campaign to ensure these areas are protected into the future.

Dr Sands will reflect upon the status of Queensland’s endangered insect species, including the importance of species such as butterflies, moths and dragonflies – indicators of healthy ecosystems.

Everyone is welcome to attend our free biodiversity month seminar. Click here to read more.

Listen to two excellent presentations about the campaigns and research being undertaken to protect our magnificent wildlife and glorious habitat areas.
Hear about the changes to State and Federal environmental legislation.


Click here to read the program.
Register your interest
The seminar is hosted by the Bayside Branch of Wildlife Queensland. Turn up at 9:00am.
Register your interest with Michael Lusis, Vice-President, to bayside@wildlife.org.au

West Mt Cotton


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